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About Med School For Parents


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There is so much medical information online, how do you choose ?

80% of parents search the Web for medical questions they have. Many parents for children end up reading online information that is inaccurate or harmful. They treat their children based on what they see online, and some children end up sick or injured.


This new website for parents is an initiative by pediatricians and other health care providers, not limited to one hospital or geographic location to empower parents.


Our mission

We help parents raise their children healthy !

On our website you will find accurate information, advice, tips in a wide range of parenting and health topics, the most up to date news in child health and the information is always based on research and evidance !  

Our Team

Our Chief Medical Officer is Dr. Ran Goldman, A pediatrician that over more than 2 decades helped thousands of parents reach their goal of raising children in a happy and healthy way. Working in the emergency room Dr Goldman is busy saving lives, and making sure parents find the resources they need to make informed decisions about the health of their children.
With a network of experts that treat children every day and help prevent illness and injury, parents are promissed to find the best possible advice on MedSchoolForParents.com. We are connected to parents, we are parents, and we know pediatrics.



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